Your Home Must Be A Safe Place For Your Children To Live

A new addition to the home can cause a lot of emotional upheaval but it can also cause a lot of stress when it comes to ensuring it is a safe place for your child to live. There are some simple but effective measures you can take to make sure you don’t have to worry every time your child steps out of the room and that also ensure your child is happy and content in the process.

Less is more

Children love to play around and will pull everything apart, so it is a good idea to keep as little clutter around the home as possible. It is not only safer but will save your belongings becoming lost or broken and will give your children lots of space to play in. As they get older you can start to introduce more of your belongings to the area but while they are young it’s a good idea to keep these out of harm’s way.

Hide Sharp Items

You can’t leave children alone for more than a few minutes without them exploring the room and this means they will sometimes be liable to get hurt on sharp objects. It is important to keep any sharp objects out of harm’s way and this means putting them in places where children will never be able to find them. It is a good idea to keep sharp items at a height which your children can’t reach, so there is no danger around and less chance of them getting hurt.

Lock Windows

Windows can be very dangerous when children get to the age where they like to explore, which is why there should always be locks on them so they have less chance of falling out. If possible, locks should be situated at the top of the windows and furniture should be kept away from the windows so they can’t crawl up and reach them. Windows are a really dangerous hazard, so it is important to check they are always closed and locked or it could prove to be fatal. If you have blinds, you should make sure the chords are also kept well out of harm’s way.

Stair Gates

Implementing gates on the stairs with locks is a good way to prevent children from accessing the stairs, which can be a very dangerous part of the home. It is quite easy to install gates in the home and it can really help to ensure the safety of children as they explore the home.

Close Doors

It can be easy to forget to close doors behind you when you leave a room, but it is important to do this if you have children wandering around. It is particularly important for the bathroom and kitchen, as these tend to be the rooms which have lots of dangerous objects. If you get into the habit of closing doors behind you, children will soon get used to leaving these rooms alone, which means less chance of accidents.

Bright Colours

It is not just about being safe around the home when it comes to having children; it is also about having a home which makes them feel happy and content. A good way to do this is to have plenty of bright colours around, whether this is created by the wallpaper, paint or children’s bedroom furniture that you choose. The more you make use of bright colours in the home, the better chance you will have of having happy children, which means less stress for you. It is simple to add bright colours to the home and it will really help to brighten up the whole area. It is especially important in your child’s own bedroom; particularly with their bedroom furniture as it will help it to become a place they enjoy spending time in.

Aimee Coppock is a freelance writer who understands the importance of keeping children safe in the home whilst educating them by decorating your home using bright colours and styles. These factors can be found in a great variety of children’s bedroom furniture which are available online.

Author: Sandra

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