Tip! Help Your Child To Want To Play The Piano!

Help your child to want to play!

Make him the hero and his playing of the song can only save “Winnie the Pooh!”

Many parents who start their kids young on the piano will understand how challenging it can be to get them to play the piano (or whatever musical instrument the child has started with) on a regular basis.

There are indeed numerous benefits our children can reap with music and learning a musical instrument. So much literature has been written about this and I am sure I do not need to belabor the point. Thus, getting our children to play and want to play on a consistent basis is important.

One way I get my three-year old son to play regularly is to create a story for him where he needs to play a different song to save a little dog, a squirrel or even Winnie the Pooh! My son becomes quite determined to play the song so that the poor animal is saved and the spell that the supposed wicked witch has cast on the animal is broken.

This approach appeals to the goodness that is inherent in every child and their love for animals or a favorite cartoon character.

If you want your child to practice a particular song more than once, you can vary the approach by saying “Only the playing of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony 3 times can save Winnie and make the boat reach the shore!”

With a little bit of imagination and patient encouragement on your part, your child’s regular practice sessions can be something both of you can look forward to.

I sincerely hope this helps your child too.

Have fun with your child as he plays his five musical instrument!

My love to him or her!

Author: saida

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