The Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Wedding

Every engaged couple is looking for precisely the same thing: a wedding that is unparalleled in class and sophistication. They dream of an event that guests will be talking about for years to come- one that distinctly declares their love and is a reflection of their personalities. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to find an indoor event center or ballroom that has it all.

Without a doubt, the bride and groom will be forced to formulate a plan of just how to recreate their vision around the limitations that an indoor setting will often impress upon them. That is why so many couples have found outdoor weddings much more accommodating. Possibilities are limitless when it comes to the design, décor and layout of an outdoor wedding venue.

Today’s Tents are Elegant

Today’s tent options are as extensive in number as the events that they cover and cater to. And it can be easy to customize the setting to exceed even the most discriminating and upscale expectations. Imagine the versatility of placing your dance floor exactly where you want it. Should you require your bridal party head table to be on risers, place them where you want them to be. Looking to twist and twirl and experience your first dance as a married couple under a softly lit, fancy fabric and light canopy treatment? Your tent can be embellished without the limitations that an indoor setting often imposes. Concerned about the canvas? You need not worry; most tent rentals are lovingly cared for and masterfully maintained so that your wedding ceremony and reception will be the scene stealers they deserve to be.

A Tent is a Clean Slate for Customization

Why feel “married” to the dated carpet that your indoor event venue boasts? Want to embellish ceilings by hanging fabric or lanterns or even specialty lighting? Too often, this is impossible for indoor weddings due to the fact that many ballrooms and event centers restrict the use of their ceilings.

Underneath the impact that only a tent can create, your guests will feel a part of the romance and richness. They will be much freer to move about, mingle and meander without the restriction of being exclusively indoors. No matter your outdoor setting, a tent structure will stun and amaze. Don’t worry about the temperature as heaters and air conditioning are available if needed.

Save a Litttle Money Too!

In many cases, a tent event makes good financial sense too. If your backyard is already lovely but without the shelter that is required to accommodate a crowd, consider a tent structure from Festival Tent. There are so many different styles and sizes; whatever your specifications are, there is a perfect tent available. Of course, no tent wedding would be complete without the softness and luxury of lush fabrics and professional lighting. Elegance is in the design touches that couples have come to expect from Festival Tent. The fabric and décor options available will excite and embellish any outdoor setting to take your wedding from beautiful to absolutely breathtaking.

It is easy to see why more and more couples are hosting their wedding and reception from under the lavish and lovely canopy that only a tent can create. Looking for more information and inspiration? Visit the portfolio gallery at Congratulations! May your outdoor wedding be every bit as bold and beautiful as your love is!

Audrey Williams is an event planning specialist for Festival Tent and Party Rentals of Windsor, ON is Windsor’s choice when it comes to planning a wedding or special event.

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