Plus Size Ladies Clothing: Modern Trends For Maximising Body Appeal

Every woman has a differently sized and differently shaped body. Plus size ladies clothing is designed to flatter and accentuate the figures of women from sizes 16 and up, where silhouettes may be more pronounced.

Plus size ladies clothes are normally used to match up different halves of the silhouette (when divided top to bottom) or to accentuate specific areas. Commonly, the upper and lower parts of the body are emphasised, allowing the eye to travel smoothly from one to the other. This creates an impression of a longer figure than might really be the case.

There are some hard and fast rules for plus size ladies clothing; some dos and some don’ts. That which tops the list of don’ts is never to wear baggy clothing. By such kind of clothing, one means what some might uncharitably refer to as “a tent”. Voluminous clothes do nothing to accentuate or hide. They simply make a person look as if she is floating inside a half-erected marquee.

One of the biggest dos for plus size ladies clothing comes off the back of this primary don’t – do accentuate the positives. Whether it’s the healthier upper body or the lower body, the plus size lady need not be ashamed of that. It is the job of plus size clothing to make the entire figure look good whilst smoothing out the lines of the silhouette in different parts of the body.

To accentuate the upper part of the body, the plus sized lady can wear a maxi dress with a high waist. The waist comes in right under the upper body and drops down straight from that point. This allows the wearer to show off her shoulders whilst smoothing out the abdomen and slightly taking the eye away from the lower part of the body. This is useful for ladies, whose upper body is healthier, comparatively speaking, than their lower body. Combine a high-waist maxi dress with a short jacket and the chest area will be completely balanced with the rest of the body.

Some plus size ladies might wish to accentuate the lower part of their body like the thighs. This can be achieved by using a long dress with a wrap effect. The wrap effect takes the eye directly from the upper body to the outer edge of the lower half of the body, creating a statuesque outline for any lady.

Generally speaking, the wrap effect is built into the dress, rather than being a real wrap. So, the cut and design of the garment holds in exactly the same place every time. This is particularly useful if such a dress is worn at parties or evening events.

A wrap maxi dress clings at the chest and at the upper thighs, with a high cling point on the widest part of the lower body. This effectively takes the eye from upper body to the lower body and upper thigh, the three points on the silhouette of an hourglass figure that are most noticeable to people.

trendy plus size clothing may be used to straighten, flatten, accentuate or smooth over parts of the body shape.

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