Parental Computer Monitoring

What Is Parental Computer Monitoring?

Parental computer monitoring is a way of monitoring what your child does on their computer. It will show you who they are communicating with and at what times and it will also show you what web sites they are visiting and how long they stay on them for. It will let you see when the computer is turned on and what games or films they are watching. All in all it will keep your child safe from unwanted attention from online predators and it will keep you informed of when your child is on the computer when they should be doing homework or asleep.

Is It Legal?

Yes it is perfectly legal to monitor your child’s computer in fact; you don’t even need to tell them that you are doing it. The monitoring software is downloaded onto the child’s PC or laptop. It is totally undetectable and the child will not know it is there. It will not interfere with the computer at all and the computer will not need to be touched again by you. All the information will be sent via email to you on any computer you wish to open your email on. It will be in a report format and possibly sent to you once a day. You can view it at your leisure and safe the report if you wish. The information gathered will give you a good idea of the people your child is communicating with online and you can make sure they are other children and no a paedophile on the prowl. Another reason for this monitoring service is to see what information your child is sending to others as cyber bullying is on the increase among children as is computer programming for their own gain, such as hacking into people’s account details and hacking into gaming sites for a free game.

A Real Life Case Of Parental Computer Monitoring

A couple were concerned that there 8 year old daughter would be able to talk with people online that they had no idea who they were. They had been monitoring her themselves but it was getting a bit wearing for them and their daughter was not experiencing using the computer by herself. They started to look into the options available and decided that the parental computer monitoring that gave them everything was the one that they would install on her computer. It took a couple of seconds to install while she was at school and the information would come straight through to an email of their choice. This information could be analysed by the couple while their daughter was asleep. They were delighted with the software but the mother still monitored the daughter at the same time for the first couple of days. The child’s computer still had some blocks on it and she was unable to look everywhere she wanted to but the parents felt a lot safer. All was going well until a strange email came in that none of the blocks had picked up. The child had not got around to opening it on her computer but the parents did on theirs. The email was disgusting full of unsuitable images of couples having sex. The couple looked at the computer the next day to see how it had got through the blocking programme. To their horror the blocker had been turned off by mistake. They were very pleased they had the parental monitoring.

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