Mother Explains to Friends Without Kids Why She Can’t Hang Out in Hilarious New Video

All ends of the spectrum live on the Internet. Take parenting for example. There is the website “STFU, Parents” for those sick of moms and dads who “overshare.” Then you have “What’s Up Moms?” — a popular online destination for mothers looking to curate and well, share more.

Elle Walker is a mother of two and one-third of “What’s Up Moms?” The trio takes to YouTube and other social networks to offer advice on almost every facet of motherhood. In one of Elle’s latest videos, she offers an explanation for “why it’s sometimes hard to hang out.” The message is addressed to her friends who do not have kids.

First, she explains why it is difficult to immediately respond to text messages. In the 12 seconds it takes to send a response, her child could do something mischievous like shake a bag of shredded cheese on to the kitchen floor.

“I would love a night out,” Elle says. “In theory, a babysitter can be bought. But in reality, my husband has to sleep in a big girl’s bed, and I’m still a late-night watering hole” she says, while nursing her baby in the dark with the glow of late-night TV.”

Elle also explains that hanging out while her kids are napping does not work. That is her one hour to shower, catch up on work, and of course clean up that spilled cheese.

Even meeting up during the day when the kids are awake presents its difficulties. Still, Elle concludes her message by noting that one day, she will pay her experiences forward.

“Look, I just read eight books, and I’m only capable of watching ‘Shark Tank,’” she said. “But unlike you, Laurie, I am not out. But I really do still love you. And in a few years, I’ll make it all up to you with some bad advice from someone who will never judge you.”

Elle published her video titled “To My Friends Without Kids” on April 23. It has more than 250,000 views and many moms commenting that they can totally relate. But don’t forget. It’s the Internet.

“So I should justify everytime I do anything remotely fun just because you decided to have kids?” wrote Jennifer Sherman. “Your parade is on the way.”

We’re pretty sure that Elle would rather have another hour of free time, but maybe at this point, she will take anything that does not involve cleaning up after someone.

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