Make Your Kid’s Party Fun with These Simple Kids Party Food Ideas

Kids love parties and one of the attractions of these parties is the food. They enjoy indulging in food items that parents usually do not serve and parties give them an opportunity to relish these foods without hearing a ‘no’. When kids come for a party, they are usually not fussy as they would be at home. For example, if parents serve broccoli at home, most kids will refuse to eat and say ‘yuck’! On the other hand, in a party, the same kids will be ready to eat if just because other kids are eating it.

Hosting a kids party can be fun as well as tiring, as these little bundles of energy can exhaust you. So make sure that you prepare the food in advance, so that on the day of the party you are not stressed or exhausted. Also, when planning the menu, it is a great idea to contact other parents to find out whether their kids suffer from any food allergy. This way you can avoid serving those foods and ensure that the party goes off smoothly.

Here are some simple tips on how to cater for your kid’s birthday party:

Beverages and Drinks

Ensure that you provide different types of beverages and drinks to prevent kids from getting dehydrated. During a party, most kids will be busy playing and they often will forget to stop and take a sip. So to make sure that you have regular drink breaks during the course of the party. You can have juices and aerated drinks, as kids love these sweetened drinks, but make sure you have water-based drinks, just as iced tea and lemonade. Also have plain water. To get the kids to drink plain water, you can have colorful bottles with swirly straws and hold a competition to choose the fastest drinker. You can also free lemon slices, cherries and halved strawberries in the form of ice cubes and place them into the water.


If you are hosting younger kids, it is best to stay away from messy and sloppy foods, such as nachos. These kids will make a mess while eating. Also focus on keeping portions bite-size that kids can consume with their fingers and you needn’t worry about supplying forks and plates.

You can go for mini pizzas, sandwiches, mini hotdogs, chicken nuggets, sweet potato chips, mini quiches and raw vegetables, such as celery, carrots and cucumbers, with dips. If you are serving dips, give eat child his own paper cup with the dip to reduce mess and prevent double dipping.

Birthday Cake and Desserts

Bake a small cake, so that your kid can blow out the candles. However, serve cupcakes to the kids. This way, you will not have to get into the hassle of cutting cake slices and serving the kids. Also, when kids get the same size and type of cupcakes, there will be no fights over it.

You can also serve ice cream for the party. To make it easier, scoop out the portions the previous day in bowls and re-freeze them. Just before serving, you can decorate the bowls with freshly cut fruits, chocolate sprinkles and/or whipped cream.

Kids party catering requires some planning and if you do all the work in advance, you will be stress-free on the day of the party. This will allow you to enjoy yourself too. If you are unable to do the catering yourself, you can hire a professional caterer. There are caterers that specifically cater for kids parties.

Professional kids party catering does not have to be expensive. There are many affordable caterers who offer a wide range of menus to suit all kinds of budgets. Hiring a caterer for your kid’s birthday party can give you peace of mind knowing that these experienced professionals will serve food that all the kids will enjoy and you will be able to make your kid’s birthday a memorable and enjoyable day.

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Darren is professional kids’ party organizer, who also helps parents in deciding party menus. He makes it easy for parents to host parties for their kids’ birthday by handling all aspects of the arrangements, including kids party catering. He ensures creative, healthy and delicious food items that kids will enjoy and love eating.

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