Is Your Child Scared Of Taking Baths?-Tips To Help You Make Bath Time Fun

Some children love taking a bath while others fight with their parents when it comes time to get clean. Taking a bath is important to your child’s cleanliness, and if you want your child to sit in the bath long enough for you to get them clean, you’ll need to use the following tips to make bath time more fun.

Use bubbles.

If your child hates the bath, make it more inviting by using bubbles. Your child will enjoy watching the bubbles grow as they take a bath, and they’ll enjoy putting the bubbles all over the tub and even on their faces.

Use toys.

There are plenty of bathtime toys out there that you can purchase for your child, and this could help them see the tub as a place to play instead of as something to be scared of. Buy the bath letters that stick to the wall and allow your child to write words, or buy bath crayons and allow your child to draw on the bathtub walls during their bath. You could also buy rubber duckies or boats in order to entertain your child.

Read them bath time stories.

Buy a book about taking a bath, such as Water Water Everywhere, and read it to your child before taking a bath. You could even bring the book into the bathroom with you and read it to your child as you’re giving them a bath. The book can teach your child that baths are not scary, and they may enjoy listening to the story before and during their bath time.

Show them the bathtub without water.

Allow your child to sit in the bathtub with their clothes on without any water. Children like to check out their surroundings, and if you allow your child to explore the bathtub while they’re comfortable, it could help them realize that it’s not something to be scared of. Even though there’s not water in the tub, you want to make sure that you’re constantly monitoring your child.

Bring them shopping.

Take your child to the store and allow them to pick out their own bath time items. Let them choose their own shampoo, body wash, bubbles and toys to play with. Having some control over what they get to use while in the tub can make it less scary for your child.

Offer an incentive.

Offer an incentive to your child for every time they take a bath without becoming upset. For example, you could start a bath time chart and give your child a sticker every time they bathe without crying. This could be just the thing to get your child excited about bath time.

Don’t let them bathe alone.

If you have other children, have your child take a bath with one of them. When your child sees that their siblings are taking baths without being scared, it can teach them that there is no reason to be afraid. If you don’t have any other children, you could always put on a bathing suit and get in the tub with your child too.

Caroline Jones is a freelance writer, mother of two, and extreme dog lover.  She writes about parenting, tips for bathing children, and how to give puppies baths.

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