Impress Your Loved One On Her Birthday With A Romantic Gesture She’ll Never Forget!

If any men out there have stumbled across this page and are thinking, “Blah, blah, blah…get her some flowers or a box of chocolates..,” stop NOW!  Don’t go for the obvious for your partner’s birthday; whether it’s her 30th or her 60th, do something different!  Don’t you want to be the perfect boyfriend or husband that makes all her friends swoon with envy? Of course you do.  Then read on.

Women are Complicated

Where this myth was perpetuated and by whom, it’s not clear.  We’re really not any more complicated than you; we just process things differently.  Understand how we process things and you have the key to making your wife or girlfriend the happiest woman alive on her special day!

There are two key facts that you need to learn and remember.

  1. The little things mean the most to us.  Whether you buy us an Aston Martin or a heart shaped key-ring from the pound shop, all we really care about is that you’ve taken the time to think about us and what we’d like.  The gesture is the most important thing!  Of course, there are women who will disagree with me and say that they want diamonds and expensive lingerie (don’t we all!), but trust me, any woman will be touched by a heart-felt gesture that says you care.
  2. No woman wants to choose her own gift.  You might think you’re being incredibly thoughtful by not buying her something she won’t enjoy or appreciate and instead offering to take her shopping to choose her own gift or worse, giving her the cash to go and shop on her own!  This is not what we want!  Taking us shopping or giving us cash for a special occasion shows that you haven’t made much of an effort or put any thought into what we’d like. We would rather you screwed it up and bought us a hideous dress two sizes too small, that we then have to return, just because it shows that you tried!

So…What’s your Ideal Birthday Gift, Girls?

Chatting with my friends over coffee, I asked this exact same question.  The answer was unanimous; Johnny Depp.  But seriously, women would like something personal for their birthday.  Whether that’s the new album by her favourite band, a dress that she saw a few months back and fell in love with or a bunch of flowers (just not red roses, pick her favourite flower!), we’ll be so grateful that you made the effort to notice what we like and buy it for us that we will be swept off our feet!  It doesn’t matter how much you spend; if you’re broke we don’t expect a five course Michelin starred meal and a diamond necklace.  If you’re feeling the pinch but want to really spoil the one you love, why not consider a payday loan; this can help tide you over until your next pay day and give you the funds to purchase your other half the perfect gift!

Give us an Experience to Remember

If you don’t want to go shopping and choose a gift, or you’re still feeling clueless, why not organise an activity that we will love!  If your girlfriend has always wanted to try abseiling, drive a Ferrari, try her hand at cupcake making or even spend a day being pampered at a posh spa, then organise it for her.  There are so many online websites offering tailor made, bookable experiences that it’s easy to arrange something with just a few clicks of your mouse.  A really beautiful idea for any woman’s birthday is a bespoke perfume experience, where she spends the day testing and learning about different fragrances under the guidance of a master perfumer and then has her choice of fragrance custom blended and labelled for her.  This is a really romantic gesture that is guaranteed to leave her with a huge smile on her face; and she will smell beautiful!  With a perfume experience starting from around £100, a payday loan could help you to organise the perfect birthday event for your sweetheart’s big day.

Remember the two key points; it’s the little things that count, but you must remember to make the effort!  Follow these golden rules and you don’t have to spend a fortune to make the woman you love happy on her birthday.

Sarah Fox is a freelance writer who loves getting exactly what she wants for her birthday. However she understands that she has expensive tastes and so she recommends that if you have a friend like this, it might be worth taking out a Quick quid loan to surprise that person and make them feel special.

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