How To Turn Your Loft Into A Children’s Bedroom

That’s it, the end of an era. Your kids have finally reached the age where they’re too big to continue sharing a room. And what’s more, your daughter is going to want her own privacy soon enough, rather than having to be hounded by her brother all of the time. They used to be really good friends but now all they seem to do is argue – like most siblings. The only way you can solve this is by moving house; you need somewhere bigger to live. But the problem is, you love this house. You’ve gone out of your way to make it into a home and the thought of leaving it brings a tear to your eye.

Solving your problem

What if I told you that you could easily solve this dilemma without the need to move house? What’s that? You’d be delighted? Fantastic, I thought you might like that bit of news. The answer of course, lies in your loft. Many people don’t realise that by converting the loft, you’ll actually gain so much more space in your house. What’s more, you can turn your loft in to any room you like, so if you’ve always fancied a cinema room or a games room in which to chill, the loft could be your opportunity to have one.

Finding more space

Once your kids start to get older, they want their own space, away from the prying eyes of mum and dad. They just want somewhere they can personalise and make into their own hideaway. The loft could be the perfect place to create a new bedroom for your youngster – somewhere big enough for them to play in as well as sleep in. Not to mention you’d claim your living room back, as they’d be able to play with their toys in their room. Oh imagine that, somewhere to entertain your friends in again, without having to constantly trip over little action figures or tiny dolls shoes.

Get converting!

It’s really easy to turn your loft into a children’s bedroom. Firstly, you’ll need to decide on a colour scheme. Your son or daughter will enjoy helping you to create their dream room, so let them be involved in some of the decision making process. Many young girls adore the colour pink and your daughter may wish to cocoon herself in a vibrant pink environment. However, you must also think about whether she’ll still be so enthusiastic about it in a few years’ time. If the answer is no, maybe you can try to persuade her to tone it down a little and just have a pink feature wall instead?

Don’t forget to decorate

As for the furniture, you can paint old cupboards to match the colour scheme of the walls. If your walls are patterned, stick to neutral and plain furniture to avoid the room looking too busy. You can save money by painting the walls in neutral tones and going to town on the accessories instead. What’s more, bright pink cushion covers are easy enough to get rid of two years down the line.

Finishing touches

Choose a pretty bedspread for a girl, or a cool and edgy one for a boy. If there’s space, create a small sectioned off area where you can store all of their toys and games. Finish off the room with some princess fairy lights or a fun night light (child’s age depending), and there you have it.

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This guest blog was contributed sy Shauna Willis a freelance blogger who works hard at helping people find their perfect Econoloft Attic Conversion.

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