How To Start Dating After A Divorce

datingComing back to the dating scene after a divorce can be hard. Whether you have been off the market for one year or forty, there will always be some rustiness. But before you get out there, you need to factor in a few key things.

Follow these guidelines below and establish a solid foundation from the start.

Being Transparent

Being completely honest with yourself about your dating life is the first step. Before you get out there, define what you are looking for. Are you seeking another relationship or are you just looking for something casual? What you are looking for can dramatically change the way you go about dating again. Define the type of partner you are looking for as well. From looks to personality, it’s good to know what you value.

Be honest with your feelings. Whether you are feeling depressed or a little insecure, it’s okay. Being aware of these feelings allows you to address them. Do you have a feeling of lust or a feeling of love? Figuring out these feelings and addressing them will give you a better foundation to your new life of dating.

Navigating the Dating Scene

Once you have defined your feelings and know what you are looking for, it is time to actually get out there. But before you venture off, make sure you are prepared for rejection. Rejection is a part of dating regardless of whether you are seeking a long-term relationship or a one-time thing. Know that it will happen and that it is just a part of life. Remember, being self-aware of your feelings will help you greatly with rejection.

If you do find the right mate, make sure you are prepared in all aspects. From an emotional standpoint, you need to be prepared to deal with having another person in your life. From a physical standpoint, you need to factor in things like sex and making sure you are safe.  In your marriage, unprotected sex probably wasn’t an issue.  Now, things are different.  It is your job to understand that when the time comes to have sex, you need to be ready and prepared.

As you start your new life, make sure you take into account these two guidelines. By maintaining awareness of your current feelings and really figuring out what it is you want, you stand a better chance of finding what you are looking for. The time to get out there is now. Experience the new world of possibility. 

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Guest author Kevin Green works for a Clearwater divorce attorney.  He has helped his clients through just about every situation a divorcee faces.  

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