How to protect your Children from Your Smoke

The choice to smoke is a decision of your own, however if you have children it is vital to protect them from your cigarettes and second hand smoke which is produced.  It has been found that children exposed to a smoky environment are more likely to suffer from breathing problems, allergies and chest infections. Another shocking statistic is that if you smoke your children are twice as likely to smoke when they grow up. There is more help than ever on offer to encourage and support smokers to give up.

Any smoker will know that it is easier said than done to wake up one day and to never smoke again, cravings and temptations make giving up smoking a difficult task, but a very rewarding one when accomplished. One way in which smokers can attempt to give up is to swap to electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain no tar, carbon monoxide, tobacco or ash resulting in the user reducing the risk of developing illnesses such as heart/lung disease and circulatory problems.

By swapping to electronic cigarettes you no longer produce harmful second hand smoke. As a result of this you will feel more confident as your smoking will not leave you smelling of stale cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are a good alternative as they cost a fraction of the price of standard cigarettes. This will leave you with a more disposable income to spend on what you would like, the amount of money you will save by trying an e-cigarette starter kit is astonishing and will really make a difference to every day living. Another benefit by swapping to electronic cigarettes is that e-cigarettes are not encompassed in the smoking ban. This means that you will no longer have to stand in the cold to fulfil your cravings as most public facilities allow users to smoke electronic cigarettes. This is another smoking habit you will change making it easier to quit smoking altogether.

Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to quitting smoking as they fulfil cravings with no proven health risks. Smokers can gradually control and reduce what they are smoking resulting in quitting altogether. The variety of flavours that E-cigarettes comes in means that smokers can try different flavours, changing the taste and associations that smoking once produced.

By swapping to electronic cigarettes you will see a dramatic change in your life for the better. Within just 24 hours of stopping smoking your body will start its repair and you will see visible differences in your complexion, teeth and skin. By quitting smoking you will increase your life longevity and lead a much healthier lifestyle.

Author: Rhys Brookes

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