Great Innovations For New Mums And Dads

For busy mums and dads, anything that’s helpful and labour-saving is welcome. Fortunately, modern life has given us a bit of help when raising our little ones. Here are a list of gadgets and accessories that have been designed to help us parents with our babies. Some have been around for a while, some have only just been on the market a short while.

Buggy Clip

Small but effective, the buggy clip has been an absolute godsend for me when taking my little girl out and about. This simple little clip attaches to your pram or pushchair’s handle, and allows you to attach bags and holdalls. Perfect for darting to the shops! Do be wary about balance, however. So don’t overload your buggy and keep your hands on the handle at all times.

Cuddledry Changing Mat

The first thing you notice about the Cuddledry changing mat is its size. It’s lovely and big and chunky, and gives you a much safer space for accidents during changing. The mat is also much softer than other changing mats I’ve tried, which is a much better feel for my baby and keeps her relaxed – in fact, I’m sure of it! You can change liners too, so you can put one in the wash while using another. The liners are also held securely with velcro, allowing a quick switch if needed during changing.

Car Tidy

Hand on heart, I had no idea such things existed. I would just haphazardly throw things in the backseat of my car and scrabble around looking for stuff. Normally whatever I needed at that particular time would end up on the floor, or stuck in between the seats. When I gave anyone a lift, it would be with the precursor “excuse the mess.” My passengers would understand, but it’s still a bit embarrassing. Thankfully, car tidies and boot tidies keeps that baby-debris to a minimum. It’s the most perfect example of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ ever.

Bumgenius Nappies

Real nappies. Oh no way. Nope. Not a chance. Inconvenient. Hard to change. Well, they were. Fortunately, modern times have given us reusable nappies that aren’t nearly the hassle they used to be. Brands such as Bumgenius have got it just right. Easy snap fastenings and replaceable liners have become increasingly popular. It was mainly because of the environmental impact of disposables that changed parent’s minds about real nappies, but the versatility of such brands have really come into their own.

  • by Kitt Walker (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Mike is getting better at this ‘being a dad’ business!

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