Great Ideas To Make Your Wedding Fun

How would you feel if you found out that your wedding is the most boring activity many of your wedding guests ever participated in? Doesn’t taste so good right? But it could happen because it has happened to many before. Most people think they got everything right only to find out at the end of the day that there is that something special missing. If you want your wedding to create positive memories for your then you need to learn about the basic tricks to increase the fun factor. Here are five of such tricks to help you have a wedding that’s an enjoyable occasion for everyone.

The Wedding Is Not All About You

The biggest mistake many people make in their wedding ceremony is thinking that the day is only for them. The wedding day is for both the couple and the guests who have taken the time to actually be there. As you keep this point at back of your mind you should make sure that everything you’re going to provide on your wedding day from food to entertainment is what the guests will love. You can also make them part of the decision making when it comes to selecting the music for your wedding playlist.

Feed The Guests

There is nothing worse than a wedding where you feel like you’re going faint with hunger because the food is behind schedule or served in tiny portions. Make sure your guests eat when they’re supposed to eat and are fed properly. Remember, your guests need energy to kick it on the dance floor. Make sure you have drinks available too. Most times people who are attending the wedding would like to start sipping something as soon as possible. Make sure you provide alcoholic beverages as well as soft drinks. Your guests may not complain to you if they’re hungry or thirsty but they will surely grumble among themselves.

Accommodation Is Essential

You don’t expect your guests coming from far away, even different countries to struggle with catering for their own accommodation. Once you know people like that are on your list you should start making arrangements for their accommodation. This will make things much easier for them and they will surely love you for it. In addition to that ensure that you provide enough bathrooms for your guests. Even if you’re holding your wedding in your house or in a place that already has bathroom, it’s wise to invest in some rentals. The more guests you’re expecting the more toilets you should hire to satisfy the extra numbers.

Eliminate Confusion

Take charge of your wedding by completely eliminating confusion. Never expect your wedding guests to know what’s happening next, you’re the host so provide some guidance. Put signs on the way to tell them where to enter. Make use of ushers to get people to their seats and have the minister announce when it’s the right time to do the vows, stand or sit. Print directions on the program and find a way to let guests know when they’re needed for photographs.

Thank The Guests

You’ll come across as ungrateful and make your guests feel like they are beign ignored them if you send them away without thanking them. To make it even better you could add the thank you message to your wedding favours and share it at the end of the ceremony. Your guests will love you for it and will not forget in a hurry how well they were treated at your wedding.

Alice Friars put a lot of effort into planning her wedding to ensure that her guest had a great time. She even got tailored wedding music from Music At Your Service.

Author: Sandra

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