Ways That Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Can Ruin Your Social Life

Have you ever considered how quitting smoking might possibly be the answer to every single problem you’re facing with your social life? If you’ve been smoking since forever, you may not have noticed, but smoking is one of those nagging habits that wreak havoc on your social life slowly but surely. Quit smoking today and see your social life transform right before your eyes!

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It keeps potential mates away

As all of us, and even smokers know all too well, smoking gives you a permanent case of bad breath and yellow teeth to boot. If that’s not considered unattractive I don’t know what is. To compound the problem, a great number of attractive singles these days tend to be non-smokers, with healthy rosy complexions and perfect teeth. Now looks aren’t everything, but first impressions count for a great deal.

Bad breath and decaying teeth certainly do not constitute an attractive first impression. Succumbing to your habit of chain smoking will only help you chase these people further away. And in the case that you’ve managed to land yourself a non-smoking mate, the sheer odour of your carcinogenic fumes will only serve to annoy them, posing a potential death sentence for your relationship.

It alienates your non-smoking friends

Those with smoker friends should know how every now and then, their friends have to disappear for a puff, or worse, start smoking there and then. Imagine, if in the middle of a highly exciting conversation the only smoker in the group has to excuse himself to fulfill his uncontrollable urge to take a puff. Though they may not vocalise the thought, this can be pretty disruptive for non-smokers. Also, nothing kills excitement like an “excuse me I need a smoke” at the most inopportune moment. Choosing to smoke in front of friends does not necessarily have better consequences either. The smoke can be putrefying for non-smokers, and some people may very well be allergic to smoke. How would you like to know that the reason your friends have been avoiding you is because your cigarette habit has been causing them allergies?

It shortens the lifespan of those around you

Now we all know that cigarettes contain a cocktail of deadly chemicals that are not only lethal to smokers, but to those around them. In fact, research has proven that second-hand smoke is in fact more dangerous than actually smoking cigarettes directly. Inhaling cigarette fumes on a regular basis can lead to higher rates of cancer and lung disease. For pregnant women, inhaling large amounts of cigarette smoke can possibly cause birth defects as well. So if you want those around you to live long healthy lives, drop smoking for their sakes.

It sucks up money that could have been used for other purposes

Let’s face it, cigarettes are getting more and more expensive no matter which part of the world you are in. A pack can easily cost more than your lunch in some countries like Singapore, where cigarettes are heavily taxed. If you’re on a limited budget, having to choose between a pack of cigarettes to last the week and a night out with friends, which would you decide on? Quitting smoking would save you from having to make that difficult choice. In the long run, the money you save from not spending on cigarettes  will add up to a sizeable sum which can then be used for other purposes.

It is not cool

Granted, whether or not smoking is cool or not depends largely on which part of the world you’re in. However, it is undeniable that there is a growing trend of health-consciousness, and with that comes a greater awareness of the dangers of smoking. More and more people these days are dropping the habit as they begin to find out how smoking cigarettes is actually harmful to their health in the long run. In fact, announcing your decision to quit smoking may even get you brownie points with the health-conscious crowd.

So quitting smoking isn’t exactly a bed of roses. Enter electronic cigarettes, which allow you to get your nicotine fix without emitting a whole cloud of noxious fumes. You’ll be able to indulge without having to excuse yourself to a separate planet to smoke, or potentially endangering the lives of your friends. It may possibly be the next best thing to quitting.

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Chad is a successful ex-smoker who has managed to kick the habit with the help of Optima Cigs.

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