Four Ways To Cut Wedding Costs – That No One Will Notice

Every engaged couple has the big crisis: they want to have a wedding day that everyone will remember, but they have to watch their budget. It may not sound romantic to pinch pennies, but wedding costs can easily balloon, especially when you try to make yours stand out as more than just the same old ceremony and reception. Luckily there are some ways of cutting costs that don’t take the bang out of your buck. Here are a few of our cost-savings tips for the bride on a budget.

1. Cheap napkins – Wedding napkins are just one of the many customized, ornate, color-coordinated and, often, affordable accessories that you’ll have to choose for your big day. But they can also add a very subtle and unique touch to every table. Imagine having each guests napkins personally embroidered with their initials…this will be a memorable piece of your wedding that each guest can hang onto for a long time.

2. The Wine - Okay, don’t shoot us. Obviously a fine dinner demands a fine wine, but what exactly is “fine”? The truth is most guests don’t know much about wine, and they’re going to enjoy it if it’s well paired regardless of the cost. We’re not suggesting you go down to the bottom shelf, but the difference between a $25 and $45 bottle of wine is not something most people’s taste buds are tuned to detect.

3. One Venue - This is a highly personal choice, but if you’re looking to save money – and hassle – what about combining the venues? Lots of beautiful reception venues have equally beautiful space for the ceremony itself, and these days clergy are accustomed to leaving the church behind and officiating weddings in all sorts of settings. This can save you a good deal of money and may help reduce the confusion of your guests by eliminating traveling between the church and reception hall as well.

4. Fewer Flowers - Flowers are a wedding must, but at the end of most receptions there’s still a giant stack of unused ones in the cooler wishing they were used. Plan your bridal party’s bouquets and a centerpiece for each table, and then call it a day; the focus will be on the couple, not the petals.

Have you considered going for cheap wedding napkinsor a table wine in your wedding? What other cost-saving tips do you have?

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