Five Ways to Feel Smarter WIthout Going Back to School

Are you worried that your brain is getting out of shape? When you were in school, you were constantly learning. Your brain was in tip-top shape. But now that it has been a few years since you have been in a classroom, it could be that your brain is just a bit flabby. You might be wondering if there is any way to feel smarter without going back to school. Here are five ways you can exercise your brain:

Read More

Reading a wide variety of books will continue to develop your knowledge base as well as exercise your brain. You will definitely feel smarter when you can draw on a wealth of current knowledge from the latest and most influential texts. Find out what to read by asking others who are familiar with the best books. You can also use the Internet to search for the syllabus of college courses in order to read the required texts. Listening to audiobooks in the car is a great way to gain knowledge, especially if you have a long commute.

Write It Down

As you grow your intellect through extensive reading, a program of writing will help you to assimilate this new knowledge. You might start by keeping a reading journal containing your responses to what you have read. Next, you might move up to writing thematic reviews of the books you are reading. You can follow that up with complete research papers. Eventually, you may want to publish your thoughts for the public. You could write an opinion piece for a newspaper or a magazine article. Starting a blog is another great way to share your ideas with a larger public.

Teach Others

The best way to ensure that you know something is to teach it to others. Develop your writing into a number of different talks. Then you can look for opportunities to give those talks to a variety of audiences. You might also join a public speaking organization for practice and pointers.


Another way to exercise your brain is develop experiments and practical projects. For example, you might try to build a car that does not run on fossil fuels. If you are interested in biology, you might use a microscope to explore the very smallest of creatures. It is easy to obtain equipment for such experiments. For example, you can find more student microscopes on If you film your results, you can share the videos with others on the Internet.

Develop a Plan

As you begin the adventure of self-guided learning, you will want to develop a plan. You should identify what fields you are interested in exploring. Then, you can set goals for your projects. You should give yourself assignments with deadlines in order to motivate yourself to bring the projects to completion.

If you commit yourself to developing your brain in these five ways, you will do more than feel smart. You will actually become a recognized expert in the area of your choice. You will be a public intellectual.

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