Find Missing Person To Invite To Wedding

How Could A Private Detective Help You

If you have a missing person a private detective could help you to locate them. They will require certain information, such as, last known address along with all their description details and date of birth. Any information you have about them will be a real help to the detective. Details like when you last saw them and any long term plans that they have made or discussed with you. What job they do and if they have any hobbies or pastimes as this can help point the detective in the right direction.

How Would The Detective Locate them?

Once all the information is collected regarding the missing person the detective can begin to locate them. They will probably start with the last known address and see what comes up on data bases and other information within the public domain. The address could be visited by a detective who will interview the latest tenant and the all of the neighbours to get leads and more information. Interviewing other members of their family or close friends might spark some information about the past and what could have happened to the person. The detectives will go to great lengths to find out where the missing person could be but they will not operate outside of the law.

Real Case Where Woman Wished To Locate Missing Brother So He Could Attend Her Wedding

A bride was getting herself in a bit of a state as she was desperate to locate her missing brother so he could give her away at her wedding. He was the only male relative that she has left after a house fire killed her father and younger brother. The older brother went missing shortly after the fire as he couldn’t cope with the grief. The woman and her mother had tried to find him but decided he would return when he was ready. However, in the meantime, she had met the love her life and he had asked her to marry him. The man wished to marry within the year and the bride agreed. She is now franticly trying to find her brother.

The investigation started at the holiday cottage the family went to each summer. The brother had had a particular fondness for the place and loved the time he spent there with his father and brother. The mother was sure he would make his new home around the area. The investigation was looking good. Information came pouring in and it was discovered that the man did go to the cottage and stayed for some time in the village. A woman who knew the family told the detective that the man had met a woman and moved to where she was from. The investigation moved on to the new location and there was a possible sighting. The detective decided to approach the target with a body camera and just ask some casual questions so that the family could positively identify the man. It was the man and the family asked the detective to approach him with the wedding invite. The target was overwhelmed but when he calmed down he sent a message to say that he would be there.

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