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Weekends are the perfect time for family time. Mum and Dad are home from work, the kids aren’t in school, everyone is more relaxed and laid-back and it is the perfect time to spend some quality-time together as a family. In theory, that’s a wonderful idea but in practice it’s all too easy to fall back on the technology that sometimes seems to take over our lives. Our kids want to watch cartoons, our teenagers want to surf the internet and all of a sudden the weekend draws to an end, the busy week starts again and we’ve missed another perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together. Sometimes all we need is some great ideas to help motivate us. We’ve compiled a list of five great activities to do as a family- read, be inspired and start creating fabulous memories!

Countryside1. An excellent way to spend time together as a family over the weekend is to get out and get active together. Drive out to the countryside and enjoy a hike together- taken in the wondrous nature, get some exercise and most importantly spend valuable time together as a family. The great thing about hikes is that a family with a bunch of kids of different ages can enjoy them. If you are a biking family, get the bikes out and go for a ride. If you don’t own bikes then rent some bikes and get pedaling!

2. Take the kids on a mini-vacation. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and you don’t even have to travel far- find local attractions or even a kid’s resort and enjoy some time in the sun together. You could even invite extended family and friends and enjoy spending time together in a different setting. Get out the grill, enjoy a barbecue, play some outdoor sport games and enjoy!

3. A family game night can be a wonderful way to spend a weekend night. If you have a bunch of games, get them out, make some popcorn and have fun playing as a group. You can always buy a new game to add something fresh to the night. For extra fun, make family game night a weekly occurrence, create a scoreboard and keep track of scores from week to week. You can always make it more fun by deciding that the one who loses each week has to do the dishes…

making dinner4. It has been proven time and time again that families who eat together often have much stronger family ties and the kids grow up feeling much more secure. Even if you can’t manage family meals every weekday, start creating a tradition whereby you eat a family dinner together once a week on the weekend, when everyone is more relaxed and you can enjoy each other’s company. Many religious people, such as the Jewish people and more traditional Christians, have a weekly dinner in honor of their day of rest and they will attest that the preparation for the meal and the time spent together eating as a family does wonders for their relationships- to go ahead, have fun preparing a tasty meal together and then have even more fun enjoying the food that you’ve prepared together!

5. Another lovely family activity for the weekend is volunteering. There is great value in teaching kids to give to others from a young age and doing a volunteering activity together as a family is the ideal way to spend some truly valuable time together while helping the wider society. Teach your kids from a young age the importance of contributing towards the society that they live in and have fun together while doing so!

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