Exploring The Best Honeymoon Destinations For 2013

Having a memorable wedding is excellent, but the reality is that it can be a stressful day even for the most organised couple, no matter how excited they are.  The honeymoon that follows the nuptials, then, is often the perfect chance to escape, relax, and settle down to life as husband and wife.

We explored some of the best honeymoon destinations for 2013, and looked at why they represent a great place to begin married life.


This Greek island is often rated as one of the most romantic destinations on Earth, and is a huge favourite both for honeymooning couples as well as for people actually getting married there.

Santorini is so highly regarded due to the relaxing nature of the whole island, and the fact that it is great for couples who want to kick back and do nothing for the duration of their stay, but equally so for those who wish to get around and explore the history of the island.

Probably the biggest romantic experience comes at the numerous spa hotels in the north of Santorini, where newlyweds can indulge in a hot jacuzzi while sipping champagne and watching the sun set over the Mediterranean.


Madeira is the perfect escape for honeymooning couples who want to get away from the rowdiness of civilisation and just spend a little time acclimatising to their new status.

It is a highly recommended destination for those choosing summer weddings in the northern hemisphere. July, in particular, is a great time to visit, as each Saturday sees an awe-inspiring fireworks festival light up the whole island, and gives couples the perfect opportunity to have a second celebration together, away from their throng of wedding guests.

New York City

Not every honeymoon has to take in sunshine islands in the middle of turquoise seas, and as the popularity of the city break grows as a general holiday option, so it does too as a honeymoon choice.

New York City is a leading destination in both respects, and whether it is sightseeing, great restaurants, or shopping that gets your juices flowing, ‘the city that never sleeps’ has something for everyone.

Northern Italy

The Italian Dolomites in the north of the country are another perfect place to enjoy a honeymoon with a difference. Adventure holidays are the big thing here, with options ranging from skiing and hiking to cycling and kayaking for those who want to start married life with a huge injection of adrenaline.

Whether you want your honeymoon to be a relaxing sunshine break or something a little more adventurous, most of us will only experience it once, so ensure you make the most of it!

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  1. I really want to go w/my husband to NYC. We won’t able to go on our honeymoon for another year. My new job won’t allow it. Boo.

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