Easy Journaling Tips

Journaling is a stress free learning technique. My children who journaled seemed to have much more pleasure in—and success at—writing.

Children want to be just like their parents and your writing will inspire their writing, so let your young child see you journaling, even before that child writes. Rather than being a chore, you will find journaling to be multifaceted and rewarding.

1. Always date your writing. You may want to publish your journal someday!

2. Write daily. Make it a habit.

3. Fiction becomes nonfiction. There is a creative power in the spoken and in the written word.

4. Write the solution, not the problem. Keep it positive!

5. Do Rapid writing – no need to think, edit or rewrite. Let it flow. Save the editing process for when you publish your journal!

6. Don’t think any dream is too big. With God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26).

7. Be specific. If journaling goals, get a clear picture of exactly what you are reaching for.

8. Make lists, including lists of questions about your life.

9. Sometimes list the negatives and then turn them into positives.

10. Keep on writing, don’t stop too soon—the solution will come!

11.  Always carry writing materials with you. Who knows when you will be inspired to write? I have a tiny pocket-size notebook that I carry on nature walks.

12. Pray on paper—write letters to God.

13. Write His answers.

When your children see you writing regularly, they will want to begin their own journal. A sentence or two is sufficient until fluency in handwriting is achieved. However, do not limit them – let them write as much as they want. Suggest prayers, answers, daily activities (a diary), goals, and dreams in their notebook or journal. Provide thought-provoking questions, such as “What is God telling you?”

With many different types of writing, I have found it easiest to use one big spiral notebook, dating each entry and also giving each a title, such as Journal, Reviews, Goals, Questions, Answers, Letters to God and so on. Your children could use some of the above titles as well as subject titles, such as Current Events, in which section they would write their thoughts on a news event, election or candidate.

Journaling is enjoyable for both parent and child. You will be amazed at its life-changing power while your child will reach writing expertise much earlier.

Author: Shiwali

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