Can Alcohol Ankle Monitors Detect Any Other Substances

Can Alcohol Ankle Monitors Really Detect Any Other Substances?
You may be curious if the authorities may be able to use ankle monitors to detect other substances. The answer is, for other substances such as beauty hygiene products that contain alcohol, yes. Please have tons off frequently asked questions about wearing an alcohol ankle monitor. Alcohol monitor tracking information for DUI offenders, as written by attorney Christopher J. McCann, is available at this link.
What other substances can be detected by alcohol ankle monitors?
You should carefully read the labels on your hygiene products, like lotion, perfume, soap, and medicines when using them, as they may be detected when you are wearing an alcohol detecting ankle bracelet. For more general information for things like whats ankle monitors range can ankle bracelets detect alcohol?, you may consult this link.

Also, some ankle monitors can detect traces of marijuana or drugs in the users’ system. So, yes, it is possible to use ankle monitors to detect other substances, and not only simple personal hygiene products. Since these types of monitors sample the wearer’s sweat, any kind of substance that is ingested, smoked, injected, or otherwise may appear. It’s safest, (and most likely in your best legal interest) to not engage in such actions while wearing a monitoring device of any kind.
Are there ways of preventing an ankle monitor to detect other substances?
The short answer is no. There may be many rumors that you have heard or read online that may tell you that it is possible to trick an ankle monitor in order to prevent it from detecting alcohol or any of the other substances discussed above. It is in your best interest to not use any of the substances listed above while wearing an ankle monitor, and to be sure and get the legal advice of a trusted attorney if you feel you’ve been wrongly accused of drinking and / or using other substances while wearing such a device.
Do not attempt to tamper with your monitoring device in any way. Please remember that tampering with such a monitor may result in even more legal ramifications than simply wearing the monitor itself. While wearing a monitor, it is important that you follow all instructions given to you by law enforcement agencies and their representatives carefully.
What can be done if I may have to wear an ankle monitor?
It’s also possible that, with the help of a right lawyer, if you’re facing the possibility of having to wear an ankle bracelet such as the ones discussed in this article, you may not have to, in the end. No matter the case, you may want to consult a lawyer about your legal rights. It is important to choose the most effective attorney for your particular case.

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