Aesthetics And Storage: Ideas For Kids’ Room Organization

Organization — Mixing Style and Storage

Carpet, drapes, comforters, curtains and sheets, wall color, bed style and ceiling decor are all components of a kid’s room that parents take pride in. Unfortunately, no matter how well Mom and Dad do with the theme of a child’s room, a big mess always overshadows a great effort in style.

Even tidy and prudent parents typically have unorganized kids. Mostly, the mess is a product of having too much — too many toys, clothes, shoes, books, electronics, etc. — with too few storage options.

The solution is storage: stylish, practical storage. With a little planning, storage doesn’t have to kill the aesthetics of a stylish room.

Organizing the Big Two: Clothes and Toys


Getting clothes out of sight does wonders for the organization of a room. One of the most novel ideas — and tidy — is a bed with drawers. An empty space beneath the bed always means stuffing. “Stuffing” is code for a quick clean-up and under the bed is the best stuffing local. Replace the empty space under a bed with drawers and organization is a child’s only option. Whether the clothes are folded before they’re stuffed into drawers is another matter!

Open shelving is another option. If a little kid seems to take displeasure in opening and closing drawers, — the child can’t remember what goes in which drawer, the drawers stick, each drawer is over-stuffed, whatever the reason may be — open shelving simplifies the process of organizing their clothes.


Toys rarely fold. Typically, storing toys is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Unfortunately, the most ingenious solution is the simplest and oldest, a toy box. Still, there are a few options that — while still toy boxes — make life easier for parents. One idea are toy boxes that hang from the walls. This makes vacuuming the carpet or throw rug easier, or sweeping the floor.

Another idea is decline shelving. While the shelves are still boxes hanging from the wall, they’re hanging off at an angle which makes it easier for toddlers to fill them. It also makes it easier for a little kid to see what toys are available.

Clear plastic bins are not fashionable as some other options, but they may be the best solution for keeping a kid’s toys organized. The reason: kids don’t have to remove every single toy in the box to find the one they want. They can walk around the box, find the toy they want, and dig down in pull it out.

Organizing the “Stuff”

Kids have all kinds of stuff that aren’t clothes and aren’t toys. Cubby hole containers are the solution. A big box, the opening horizontal to the floor and divided into open compartments is the solution. Winter hats and gloves, rubber rain shoes, around the house slippers, every-day shoes, puzzles and books, hand held video games, crayons and colored pencils, model cars and airplanes… anything that can’t be tossed in a toy box or organized in a drawer or on a shelf belongs in a cubby hole.

Amy Nelson is a mother, avid home decorator and author. Mrs. Nelson has written several informative publications on family life, interior decorating, and simple home improvement tips.

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