A Guide To Creating The Perfect Dorset Wedding

Everybody wants to have the perfect wedding. From the reception to the bridesmaid’s dresses, the photographer to the rings, there is a whole host of important aspects to consider when you are planning a wedding. However it has to be said that one of the most vital components of your wedding is where you choose to have it.
Dorset is, without doubt, one of the prettiest regions of the UK and it is easy to see why Dorset couples choose to get married locally rather than in locations outside of Dorset. If you are lucky enough to be getting married in or around Dorset you will want to make the most of the region and there are several easy ways to do this.
The Venue
Dorset has some stunning wedding venues, most of which have backdrops perfect for your wedding photos. Although it is important to remember that you don’t have to stay at the venue for all of your photos. If you choose the right photographer they will happily go with you to a nearby beach or a local landmark that means something to you personally.
By hiring wedding cars Dorset and the surrounding area is opened up to you so make the most of it and create a wedding album that includes more than just your wedding venue.
The Photographer
Make sure you hire a wedding photographer that has both imagination and the willingness to listen to your wants and requirements. Your wedding album will be a lasting reminder of your perfect day so it is important that you fill it with pictures that mean something to you, your family and your friends. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to stay with you throughout the reception and into the evening, as this is when the candid, real shots are taken.
The Transport
How you choose to travel on your wedding day is a big decision. Even if you are having the marriage ceremony and the reception at the same venue you can still hire a wedding car to drive you around in luxury with your new spouse for a while. It is your wedding day and you want to make the most of it so don’t feel obliged to spend every minute with your guests, get away for an hour or so as the new ‘Mr and Mrs’ that you are.
Thankfully if you are thinking of hiring classic wedding cars Dorset has it all. You may never get the chance to ride in a Bentley or a Rolls Royce or even a horse-drawn carriage again so think about the car of your dreams and let your dream come true.

Penny Workman is a wedding coordinator who enjoys writing about wedding tips and ideas. She writes for several websites including premiercarriage.co.uk.

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