A Guide To Compensation Claims For Injury And Accidents

It’s unfortunate that thousands of us are injured every single day. Whether that be at home, at work or whilst carrying out day to day tasks, whatever way you are injured it can cause great disruption to your day to day life. Injury often leaves us unable to carry out our day jobs. So what can we do if we have trouble working meaning we no longer have any source income?

Compensation Claims

It is possible to make a claim for compensation if an injury or accident leaves you unable to work. This means you will be rewarded a sum to ensure you do not suffer finically. In order to be rewarded compensation you will need to prove that an accident was the fault of a third party such as a colleague or driver. You will need the support of an solicitor who will help you put together evidence ready to present to third party insurers’.

Start Your Claim Straight Away

Your claim is more likely to be successful if you start it quickly after the incident. After the incident ensure you report it immediately to the correct person, this will either be your employer if your accident happened at work, the council if your accident was the result of maintenance issues such as uneven paving or the owner of the property where the accident occurred.

It’s difficult to remember once you’ve just had an accident, but if you can try to remember to get contact details of witnesses. Take photographs if anything has caused your accident such as uneven paving. The more evidence you have the better.

Will It Cost To Make A Claim?

Most solicitors will not charge yourself when you make a claim. If your claim is successful they will usually get their fee from the person responsible for the accident. They should not take the fee out of your compensation money.

Choosing The Right Solicitor

When it comes to choosing a solicitor to help you win your claim it is advised that you choose a local solicitor. This will make the whole process easier and you are far more likely to win if you can have regular face to face meetings with the solicitor. For example I am local to Cheltenham and so there for would seek advice from a Cheltenham Solicitors. I would also choose a solicitor who specialises in compensation claims.

How Much Will You Be Rewarded?

The amount you are awarded will be based on these things-

  • Loss of earnings through injury.
  • If your ability to carry out day to day tasks has been compromised.
  • If there have been any financial losses due to the accident.

Eilidh MacRae works for Davis Gregory a Cheltenham Solicitors.

image source: http://personalinjurylawyerpage.wordpress.com

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